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From Pizza to Lord of a Xaltean manor


A Minor Change in Scheduling

by LuckyFoot223
Hey all! 

I have some news to update you with when it comes to this comic. With the continued growing popularity of Laura, the artist's work, and the companies that now want to work with her, we've discussed a change in plans. To make sure she still has time to pursue these new opportunities and also still be able to work on Beloved Chains, we are amending our release schedule slightly. 

We will continue to release a new page every Monday but after Chapter 2, there will be a gap as she is going to finish all the pages of Chapter 3 before we begin releasing. That way when a new chapter starts, the release will be consistently until that chapter is over. 

That will open up much more time on her schedule and allow her to not only pursue the projects that she wants but allows her to help with Beloved Chains and the visual novel. 

I apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause but we love this comic and will continue to do what we can to keep bringing it to you. 

Thanks for your support! 

Not Feeling Well

by LuckyFoot223
Hey all, 

Sorry for the delay in releasing the comic pages. The artist and I have not been feeling well (not the coronavirus) due to our work schedules being very hectic the last two weeks. This comic is a side project and labor or love and we sadly did not have any time to dedicate to it this week. 

We're still around and we will get Henry's story told. I'll keep you up to date. If you haven't followed us on Twitter, we'll try to provide more updates there. Our twitter is @belovedchainsc1.

Thanks so much for your patience! 


An Upcoming Visual Novel!

by LuckyFoot223
did not realize until now that I hadn't written anything up as a blog post for the month of September but at least I have one big piece of news. 

If you have not deduced from the image for today, AnimeTK Studios and I are in the process of developing a Visual Novel that want to immerse everyone into the world of Beloved Chains. The story is already done on paper and is in the middle of being coded while the artist will begin working on some of the base ideas of a few new Houses that you have yet to meet. This story will be concurrent to the present comic book and hopefully give everyone who plays it the feeling that they to are visiting Blue Blossoms and is involved in the stories and the characters there. 

I do not have much more to tell you except the working title is The Blue Blossom Conspiracy and that you'll be playing as one of Henry's friends coming to visit him at the behest of the Terran Alliance just to make sure he's okay...and maybe something else. 

I'm sorry that we have not been able to provide you another page of the story as Laura has been working hard for another client to pay the bills so she's not been able to work on the comic that we love so much. The next page will be coming but until then, I hope you enjoy the little picture that we released today!  

August 2020 Updates!

by LuckyFoot223


First of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been commenting on the newly recently pages and the continued support for this comic. It has been a passion of mine to tell this story and I am glad you are not only along for the ride but willing to give me your feedback on it.

We have a Discord and a Patreon

One of the things that I wanted is to create a community where those interested in this comic are able to not only have a place to chat but also keep up with what is going on outside of this page. For that reason, I have created a Discord channel dedicated to Beloved Chains.

We also have made sure to start getting things on to our Patreon of the more risque images for you. Any sponsorship will go towards the development of this comic!



Possible Visual Novel?

I am always looking for more ways to tell a story in the Beloved Chains universe and I’ve been thinking of working with the RenPy system and get a side story running on the Blue Blossoms estate.

If that sounds like something of interest, please let me know!

The Novella is almost done

The novella taking place in the Beloved Chains universe is almost done! I’m looking forward to getting it release for all those interested in reading it! I’ll keep you posted on the next stage of the story telling and when it will be out!


Again, thanks so much for the votes on TWC and your continued reading. I wish I could say how much I appreciate your reading!


Beloved Chains is Back in Action!

by LuckyFoot223

If you haven’t guessed by the new page, Beloved Chains is back in action. After a long five months, it is time for us to start releasing new pages and continuing the story of Henry Patton and his new entourage.


We have about four weeks of stuff all ready to go but as we are still trying to get back in to the swing of things, there might be a bit of delay here and there between pages. Please stay with us as we’re still working to tell this story to all of those who have enjoyed it so far!


As always, you can follow us at the following locations:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/belovedchainsc1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belovedchains1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Beloved-Chains-Comic-110732957109860


If you want to help with some of the comic pages, we would love your help over on our patreon page!


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=28908991

June 2020 Update

by LuckyFoot223


Time to get out the June update on what we are doing here with Beloved Chains. First, can I say that this pandemic kept us down a lot longer than we anticipated. Both Laura and I have been developing pages but it’s been a bit rough because we have to keep adjusting to life as the pandemic dictates. We are still working though and we have at five new pages and two new Patreon pages completed! We want to get more of the pages down so we do not have another break unless we absolutely have to.


Issue wanted Submitted to Comixology

I am happy to report that I was able to submit the first issue to Comixology in hopes that we can get the completed first issue and the two extra pages released in that new venue. Of course, we shall continue releasing the comic here page at a time but we are planning to make an option where you can get the entire comic book if you prefer.

For those of you who have already ready it, we’re also adding a few extras in to each comic book to give readers something to look forward to.


The Novella is almost done

I am finishing up the final chapters of Nisa’s story to release and we are not quite there yet though. I’m going to blame the pandemic as everything seems to come back to that.


When are we starting back up again?

I’m still working with Laura to see what her schedule is but I am thinking that we should start up again either near the end of July or beginning of August as we should have enough pages ready to go to hold us over in case we run into another delay.

Thank you all for your patience and sticking with us. I see our page count continues to go up as people are visiting. I really do mean it and we look forward to coming back and continuing Henry’s story!

Really Quick May Update

by LuckyFoot223
Hello all! 

We are still alive and actually producing comic page again, we just haven't released any. Laura and I want to build up a good amount so that there is no lag between pages. 

Sorry that this is short but I wanted to let you all know that Beloved Chains is still here and will continue to be here. 

A Quick April Update

by LuckyFoot223
Aeshela! (Hello in Xaltean!),

I wanted to take some time to write here and let you know how things were going and the fact that we have not disappeared, we are simply on hiatus. Laura and I have continued to develop pages and so far three more in with a bunch of Patreon work but we did not want to start posting again until we are sure neither of us will have to leave. That way we can avoid everything abruptly stopping again.

The Novella

The Novella is halfway done and I'm excited to release it here for those who are interested in reading about the Beloved Chains world more than just the comic. Lady Nisa Amet has turned out to be a rather interesting character to write and I have had the opportunity to dive into the Xaltean culture in ways that the comic has yet to let me.

The Card Game

My mind has been busy with all sorts of ideas and sometimes like to start little projects. Well, I also have a Beloved Chains card game in the development that is going to be released as a digital game while also being printed for those who want to have a physical copy. I don't have a lot to tell you except it is a hybrid of a Deck Building and a Collectible Card Game.

I hope to share more in the future.

When are we coming back?

For where I am in the United States, we have reached the peak of this COVID-19 pandemic and I am hoping as the summer comes, we'll start releasing again. I want to make sure we are all out of the "stay at home" orders before getting back to business as usual.


I hope this April post finds everybody as healthy as possible and keeping themselves safe! I'm glad that you are all still here and I hope you will continue to stay with us as we tell the Beloved Chains story.

Please post or send me a PM if you have any questions! We also have a Discord server if you are interested in using that! See the link in the upper right-hand corner.
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