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Blog - Ascendent Rising - Chapter 1 (Excerpt)

Ascendent Rising - Chapter 1 (Excerpt)

by LuckyFoot223

Nisa Amet’s shoes clicked against the marble floor of the expansive hallway past the black granite pillars that towered to the vaulted roof above. Every so often, a guard stood quietly with phased rifle hung in front of them. Though they looked defenseless with some bare chested while others wore thin fabric which was typical of the Xaltean people, she knew the little bracelets on the wrists or necklaces actually housed the curved forcefields that could protect them in case they wound up fighting. That really did not matter since House Medekin was one of the more popular houses of the Empire.

The light haired beauty smiled as she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the marble floor. She wore the light iki’asel wrap that covered her body loosely and a wide dark cloth belt around her waist. The necklace of green gems with a matching tiara spoke of her new status among House Medekin. Nisa was excited and was happy to be summoned to the central home of Baron Kyl Medekin, head of the house of Medekin.

Making a few more turns, Nisa arrived at the stately doors where two servants pushed it open. Greeting her was the floating blue holographic screens while members of Baron Medekin’s personal space fleet spoke and planned.

Baron Medekin was a tall man which white hair and a bear that was the same color except for a stripe of dark in the corners. He was in fully military uniform as he spoke to three members wearing the ribbons of ship commanders. Nisa waited patiently to the side knowing Kyl knew she was there but the conversation could wait.

“How are we with the second task force?” Kyl asked, his low voice carrying the weight of his position in it.

The Illusive, Valiant, and Arlia have already been supplied and are ready to join the fleet in the Ghosa Sector. A cruiser and two frigates to meet the request of our Empress.” One of the captains said with a nod.

Transfer the Idola’s Love to the task force.”

She’s only just completed her upgrade,” another said. “She has no captain since the loss of Commander Ibelta against the last Drull incursion.”

Kyl seemed to be thinking for a second while Nisa frowned at the thought of the Drull. The reptilian like humanoids with four slits for eyes and insatiable need to consume meat had been the bane of the Xalteans since their first contact countless years ago. There had never been a true peace with them though under the Empress, the Drull have kept to themselves for the most part. There was nothing worse than the Drull.

“Promote Ibelta’s first to the rank of commander,” Kyl finally said. “I believe she’s earned it after getting the ship out of danger not to mention taking three of Drull ships before exiting.”

The officers nodded and turned to leave having recognized their silent dismissal. Kyl sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before turning to Nisa. She gave him a slight curtsy though as a Lady know, she did not have to bow as deeply.

“Lady Nisa,” he said with a small smile. “Thank you for coming.”

“I’m honored, my lord.”

“I have an assignment for you that I do not think you’re going to appreciate but nevertheless has to be done for the Empire.”

“Oh?” Nisa asked her eyebrows furrowing in concern. She had just earned her rank but Nisa knew that did not protect her from horrible positions.

“Are you familiar with the Solaris System by any chance?”

“Unfortunately I am not. Is that one of the farther outlying sytems of the empire?”

“No, my dear, it is a system controlled by the humans.”

Okay. There was something worse than the Drull. Working hard to keep the disgust from her face, Nisa cast her eyes down slightly towards the ribbons to try and focus.

“Ah...humans. And how may I serve you in regards to...them?”

Nisa heard him chuckle quietly before continuing.

“It seems that Baron Avernell’s push to have a better relationship with our neighbor, the Terran Confederacy has landed on sympathetic ears. It appears someone in the royal house was able to convince her majesty that an outreach more than tacit acknowledgment is warranted for the humans.” Kyl said turning and moving towards a holographic screen. A hand gesture caused it to fly through the air to his hand.

“The Diplomatic Corp has successfully negotiated a cultural outreach center on the fourth planet in the Solaris System.”

“Cultural outreach?” Nisa said with delicate eyebrow raised.

“That’s what they wanted to call it. In short, you are being appointed as installed Lady of the Cultural center to liaison with the humans for cultural exchange.”

Nisa’s stomach turned at the thought. Her, having to deal and work with humans.

“I know, not what you were hoping for,” Kyl said with an understanding smile. Nisa quickly brought her facial expressions back under control.

“I serve where I must for the sake of the Empire,” Nisa said. “Even if it is with the humans.”

“I appreciate the sentiment,” Kyl said offering the holograph screen to her. She reached out and touched it with her wrist computer that absorbed the information. The tiny screen expanded and hovered above her arm as it scrolled data in their delicate script of their language.

We have purchased 20 acres of land around a large building the humans built when they first settled their colony. It has been garrisoned with a company of soldiers gifted by the Empress and a full house staff. We have changed it as much as we can to accommodate a Xaltean Lady but you will not have the usual comforts for which I apologize.”

“I understand. Is the house set up?”

“No. You’ll still need to appointment a Mistress or Administrator to assist you. Governor Jason Pryce has promised us that Xaltean customs will be honored as far as they can but you know how draconic they can be.”

“I do.”

I have tasked the tailors to design you clothes for your stay at the cultural center that will not offend the humans but still maintain what it means to be Xaltean. I ask you to be a bright example of the Empire and hold down the post until you are recalled. It should not be long as no Xaltean/Terran joint effort has lasted for more than a year.”

Nisa nodded her head and bowed. “I shall serve as best as I can.”

“I know you will, Nisa. You have always been a proactive. I assume you’ll need to brush up on their language.”

If you can call it that. A bunch of guttural sounds with no song to it, not to mention the rules do not make sense.”

“There are other dialects, it might be worth studying for the Royal Archive. You might be able to make it bearable.”

“Maybe,” she laughed. “When do I leave?”

In two days time. The courier ship Justice is enroute to pick you up and take you directly to Plymouth Colony.”
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