A Quick April Update

by LuckyFoot223 11th Apr 2020, 10:16 PM
Aeshela! (Hello in Xaltean!),

I wanted to take some time to write here and let you know how things were going and the fact that we have not disappeared, we are simply on hiatus. Laura and I have continued to develop pages and so far three more in with a bunch of Patreon work but we did not want to start posting again until we are sure neither of us will have to leave. That way we can avoid everything abruptly stopping again.

The Novella

The Novella is halfway done and I'm excited to release it here for those who are interested in reading about the Beloved Chains world more than just the comic. Lady Nisa Amet has turned out to be a rather interesting character to write and I have had the opportunity to dive into the Xaltean culture in ways that the comic has yet to let me.

The Card Game

My mind has been busy with all sorts of ideas and sometimes like to start little projects. Well, I also have a Beloved Chains card game in the development that is going to be released as a digital game while also being printed for those who want to have a physical copy. I don't have a lot to tell you except it is a hybrid of a Deck Building and a Collectible Card Game.

I hope to share more in the future.

When are we coming back?

For where I am in the United States, we have reached the peak of this COVID-19 pandemic and I am hoping as the summer comes, we'll start releasing again. I want to make sure we are all out of the "stay at home" orders before getting back to business as usual.


I hope this April post finds everybody as healthy as possible and keeping themselves safe! I'm glad that you are all still here and I hope you will continue to stay with us as we tell the Beloved Chains story.

Please post or send me a PM if you have any questions! We also have a Discord server if you are interested in using that! See the link in the upper right-hand corner.



Opus the Poet 12th Aug 2020, 1:58 AM
Your web page keeps going back to the comic home page no matter what button you click on and the keyboard controls don't work either. The only way to get through to anything is to click on your ad in TWC.


LuckyFoot223 12th Aug 2020, 9:36 AM
Thanks for your comment. The belovedchainscomic.com link is a redirect as we used to host it there but we moved to Comic Fury. We set up the redirect so that the previous links to it wouldn't break.

I'm not quite sure what you mean about the button you're clicking or keyboard controls to be able to troubleshoot. I apologize you're having issues with the website!

If you have time to provide me some more information, I can look to see how I can get it fixed. Thanks!