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Blog - June 2020 Update

June 2020 Update

by LuckyFoot223


Time to get out the June update on what we are doing here with Beloved Chains. First, can I say that this pandemic kept us down a lot longer than we anticipated. Both Laura and I have been developing pages but it’s been a bit rough because we have to keep adjusting to life as the pandemic dictates. We are still working though and we have at five new pages and two new Patreon pages completed! We want to get more of the pages down so we do not have another break unless we absolutely have to.


Issue wanted Submitted to Comixology

I am happy to report that I was able to submit the first issue to Comixology in hopes that we can get the completed first issue and the two extra pages released in that new venue. Of course, we shall continue releasing the comic here page at a time but we are planning to make an option where you can get the entire comic book if you prefer.

For those of you who have already ready it, we’re also adding a few extras in to each comic book to give readers something to look forward to.


The Novella is almost done

I am finishing up the final chapters of Nisa’s story to release and we are not quite there yet though. I’m going to blame the pandemic as everything seems to come back to that.


When are we starting back up again?

I’m still working with Laura to see what her schedule is but I am thinking that we should start up again either near the end of July or beginning of August as we should have enough pages ready to go to hold us over in case we run into another delay.

Thank you all for your patience and sticking with us. I see our page count continues to go up as people are visiting. I really do mean it and we look forward to coming back and continuing Henry’s story!