An Upcoming Visual Novel!

by LuckyFoot223 28th Sep 2020, 8:23 AM
did not realize until now that I hadn't written anything up as a blog post for the month of September but at least I have one big piece of news. 

If you have not deduced from the image for today, AnimeTK Studios and I are in the process of developing a Visual Novel that want to immerse everyone into the world of Beloved Chains. The story is already done on paper and is in the middle of being coded while the artist will begin working on some of the base ideas of a few new Houses that you have yet to meet. This story will be concurrent to the present comic book and hopefully give everyone who plays it the feeling that they to are visiting Blue Blossoms and is involved in the stories and the characters there. 

I do not have much more to tell you except the working title is The Blue Blossom Conspiracy and that you'll be playing as one of Henry's friends coming to visit him at the behest of the Terran Alliance just to make sure he's okay...and maybe something else. 

I'm sorry that we have not been able to provide you another page of the story as Laura has been working hard for another client to pay the bills so she's not been able to work on the comic that we love so much. The next page will be coming but until then, I hope you enjoy the little picture that we released today!