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Blog - A Minor Change in Scheduling

A Minor Change in Scheduling

by LuckyFoot223
Hey all! 

I have some news to update you with when it comes to this comic. With the continued growing popularity of Laura, the artist's work, and the companies that now want to work with her, we've discussed a change in plans. To make sure she still has time to pursue these new opportunities and also still be able to work on Beloved Chains, we are amending our release schedule slightly. 

We will continue to release a new page every Monday but after Chapter 2, there will be a gap as she is going to finish all the pages of Chapter 3 before we begin releasing. That way when a new chapter starts, the release will be consistently until that chapter is over. 

That will open up much more time on her schedule and allow her to not only pursue the projects that she wants but allows her to help with Beloved Chains and the visual novel. 

I apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause but we love this comic and will continue to do what we can to keep bringing it to you. 

Thanks for your support!