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Blog - We're not Dead. Promise!

We're not Dead. Promise!

by LuckyFoot223
Hey all, 

I know I have been silent for quite a few months since I announced the new changes to the schedule. In short, the last part of 2020 has been a nightmare for both myself and the artist. Thankfully it is not COVID related but it has not allowed us to work on the project like we wanted to. The last six pages of Issue #2 are nearing completion. I've actually uploaded some behind the scenes work for you and scheduled a few more so that there is a bit of content. of course, not in any order but to give you some proof that we are working to complete this issue. 

I appreciate everyone one of you who still have stuck around and have this comic saved. This passion project that had brought on a wonderful artist is a story that I do want to continue and finish with you all. Please don't give up on us yet! We will have more coming.