A Plan Comes to Mind

21st Sep 2020, 8:08 AM
A Plan Comes to Mind

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LuckyFoot223 21st Sep 2020, 8:08 AM
Xalteans are harsh when it comes to their oaths. Many of them are voluntarily entered and there are rarely any ways to break them without getting into serious trouble. The fact that this soldier refuses to swear allegiance to the new lord, which is required being a soldier hired, trained, and serving the Baron Avernell, makes her crime extremely egregious in the eyes of the military.

The question is, can Henry think of a way to save her life or is this a Xaltean tradition he needs to work his brain around?

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felixp7 21st Sep 2020, 11:52 AM
Well, he serves the baron too, doesn't he? Technically her oath would be to the estate, not to him.


LuckyFoot223 21st Sep 2020, 12:13 PM
Henry's oath is to the Baron while the soldier's is to the lord of the manor, which would be him. To help stream line "whose in charge" The soldiers are sworn to their lord of the manor who in turn the lord of the manor is to the Baron. So, technically soldiers would follow the directions of the Baron as relayed through to them from the Lord. It helps with administration work of who is in charge of what.

It can be very feudal at times as there are points in the Xaltean history where Barons would have "declined" to help the imperial house for some reason though it is rare. The Emperor's power comes from the loyalty of his Barons and the Baron's power from the loyalty of the lords he entrusts over his planets and sectors.

Let me know if this is confusing and I'd be happy to right a treatise for you. :D I love the lore parts!

But you did hit upon a good point, Felix. :) Oaths CAN be transferred to a house but only by the Lord himself. Soldiers don't start out sworn to a house for reasons and oaths can be transferred or released at the whim of the Lord.

Note. Bonds are not oaths per se and so cannot be released unless it's in the original contract or precedence. Like Full bonds cannot be released without an imperial decree.

But now I'm getting into Imperial Contract Code over Oaths and Sworn Duty Legislation.


felixp7 21st Sep 2020, 1:09 PM
I'm just thinking of potential ways for Henry to give the girl an out. Since it would be unwise of him to dismiss the issue, given the importance of oaths in Xaltean culture, but on the other hand the girl also has a point. It's a matter of honor to her as well, and that might just count, right?


Gilrandir 21st Sep 2020, 1:35 PM
Culturally, it seems to me this situation has to have precedent. With all these soldiers, undoubtedly there are battles and skirmishes between lords where one lord wins and the soldiers of the defeated lord are brought (or at least recruited) into the victorious lord's service. So, culturally, some people must have no objection to transferring their allegiance to someone who was actually responsible for the deaths of friends and loved ones, not merely the same race as someone who was responsible for the death of friends and loved ones.

Of course, there are probably individuals who do object as well. And maybe they are put to death as a result. But it wouldn't be unprecedented, so maybe there are possible solutions there.

Hypothetically, the soldier's original oath to the old lord included language that was the equivalent of '... to loyally serve My Lord, and his household, heirs, and assigns. ...' Now that the old Lord is gone, that oath falls to Henry as the oath-holder's heir, and the soldier's refusal to renew the oath and acknowledge that fact is the oath-breaking. But, technically, as the oath-holder, Henry could just release the soldier from her oath -- allowing her to leave without penalty and turning the dilemma on to her: die as an oath breaker or live specifically because of receiving charity from someone she considered unworthy of serving.

Lawyers might argue that, until she transfers the oath to Henry he is _not_ truly the oath holder. Which would potentially mean the even more poignant dilemma of Henry telling her "If you swear to me, I can release you from my service. If you don't, they will kill you. Do you trust my promise that I will release you?"


LuckyFoot223 22nd Sep 2020, 8:19 AM
I am utterly flattered that you all have taken the time to write such detailed pieces about this comic and Xaltean culture. :) Really makes me happy so I appreciate it! I am going to try to answer without giving away the next page since all the pages are planned for the next four issues. lol

In reference when soldiers were brought into servitude with a victorious Lord, you are correct that there were times that the defeated Lord's resources were incorporated in to their own. It might be surprising but Xalteans are vicious when they fight so a lot of times, there were not many troops left by the time the other lord took over. There was also concerns that soldiers from a defeated lord might only swear loyalty to become an inside agent to continue the fight. The practice of the time was to either swear them in, release them, or "give" them as gifts to the imperial family where the soldier would not feel the need or have access to cause anymore damage. Of course, in their brutal period, just executing them all was also an option.

Much of the violent infighting faded as they not only became more civilized but also when first contact was made with the Drull. The Drull Horde united the Xalteans towards a common enemy. The first war lasted a good 50 years before it went cold. Technically the Xalteans are still at war with the Drull but it has been only skirmishes and attrition attacks once in awhile. Almost like the Drull aren't interested anymore. Xalteans have not had the strength to push back at them so they just glare at each other from over their lines.

As they became more civilized, the ki-iuna'aset or the benevolent War became a way of handling things Where fighting became more of words and influence than actually brawn. These would go down a large banquets, week long extravaganzas, etc. That didn't mean attempted assassinations weren't a way to go at times hence the need to personal bodyguards.

Now, I'm going to give a piece of information that doesn't show up for a little while but I think it'll help out. Maevin and Tox are being much harsher on purpose as they are testing Henry. Maevin still doesn't trust humans and Tox still thinks he's weak though his own oath to the estate won't allow him to act on anything. Tox is contracted by the state as he's actually a war hero in his own right. he could walk if he wants.

Maevin and Tox are trying to break him without going against their own Baron's wishes. Normally things would not get this far if the Mistress of the House didn't have a hand in it.

I know I don't address everything but I'll go in more detail in the author note of the next page once Henry announces what he's going to do. :D


Gilrandir 22nd Sep 2020, 12:53 PM
It makes sense that they would be testing him early by confronting him with situations to reveal his character.


LuckyFoot223 3rd Jan 2021, 4:48 PM
Thanks for the comment! Yes. I mean, there is a lot of history between the two cultures that I have not yet elaborated on.

Appreciate you taking the time to read through this!