Onwards to 2022

by LuckyFoot223 8th Jan 2022, 6:24 PM
Hello all! 

Well, 2022 is here and it looks like I'm still here to. Yay! Just wanted to provide some updates for you on the status of the comic. My artist is coming out of the issues that have been plaguing her and we had a good chat about the future of the comic. You all have really inspired me to go a different direction that I had originally intended. 

Initially, this comic was going to be a scifi epic in the vein of Mass Effect or Star Wars but since all of you in different ways through the comments, discord, and PMs really seemed more interested in the drama of the society. 

So, the story has changed. Nothing that you have seen has been changed, it's just the storyline is going to go in a different direction, mostly focusing on the action and adventure Henry finds himself in the middle of as the Houses of Xaltea quietly war against each other. 

Beloved Maid 

Sadly, Beloved Maid has been temporarily scrapped. The artist that was working on it got 5 pages done before life had him step away from the project. The good news is that Laura, my artist, is going to take over so that "My Beloved Maid" is in the same art style but instead, it'll be color drawings in the way of web toons! 

As a teaser to the story, you will have seen the release of the first page of the Beloved Maid. I decided that I paid good money and so I should release them. There are only five pages but it'll give you an idea in the direction it is going. 

As always, Thank you all for your interest, even if it's just stopping by and reading. If you're interested in chatting, stop by our discord channel. It's not fully active right now but I'm working on improving that. If you want to support us, you can do so at Patreon! 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vB2FvTt

Patreon: www.patreon.com/belovedchains



felixp7 9th Jan 2022, 1:52 AM
Oh, dear. Sorry for upending your plans. And thanks for the bonus pages!


LuckyFoot223 9th Jan 2022, 11:10 AM
In my years of working as a freelancer and hiring freelancers, this is more common than not. It's just one of the facts of life.

Thanks so much on your continued support! I appreciate it.