A Secret Tryst

27th Oct 2022, 11:03 AM
A Secret Tryst

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LuckyFoot223 27th Oct 2022, 11:03 AM
As these are new characters being introduced, here who they are:

Cilia Vaesh - Present Empress of the Xaltean Empire and mother of introduced character Aevina Vaesh of Beloved Maid.
Hesh Avernell - Leader of House Avernell and the one who appointed Henry to Blue Blossom Estate.


Cilia Vaesh was originally Lady of House Vanen and was given the title of Princess-Consort when she became betrothed to Crown Prince Morek Vaesh. She would later take the title of Empress when they married and he ascended to the throne.

Cilia was in love of with Hesh Avernell of House Avernell when she met him at a party as a Princess-Consort and he was only a Duke as his own father was still in charge of the house. Due to Morek's focus on meetings and running the empire, and very little interest in his marriage he barely had time for his betrothed and later wife. Morek married her because it was expected and she comes from a house with very little interest in doing anything so he wouldn't face pressure from another house. Avernell and Cilia started an affair between each other which continued when she became Empress.

Emperor Morek did find out about his wife affair with a promoted Duke of House Avernell and confronted him about it. Morek informed Hesh he was well aware of the tryst. The Emperor informed Hesh that he may continue taking care of his wife's needs when she asks but to remember his position and that if Morek smells any conspiracy to move on his throne, he would personally execute the Duke.

This was again reminded when Avernell became a Baron and Avernell encounters with Cilia were less common due to his new position and how much he was in the public life. The rest of the Houses didn't know and it was a secret among the three.

What the majority of the Empire does not know except for those on the Gray Council is that Cilia Vaesh was crippled in her teenage years which severed her lower spine paralyzing her. Xaltean technology was able to restore most of her functionality but it requires maintenance to keep it synchronized with her, something a special maid was trained in and Avernell is aware of. It is kept a secret as she could be seen as weak, especially after she ascends the throne when Morek dies from an unexpected sickness (no he wasn't assassinated. He was actually sick).

Avernell has continued his liaisons with the Empress but very carefully as now with her in the position and a widow, one wrong move could start a war.

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jamie59 27th Oct 2022, 7:00 PM
I take it they are lovers. Will they have to brake it off now?


LuckyFoot223 28th Oct 2022, 8:08 AM
Not really. They've been keeping it quiet even though it's dangerous. I updated the author note with more information. :)